"From his priesthood and academic experiences, to his
personal relationship with Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl,
Sal’s writing of Hitler’s Priest calls forth a strong emotional
response that continues throughout a very powerful read.”

—Dennis K. McCormack,
PhD Former US Navy SEAL, expert in leadership training with the US Army,
and studied with Viktor Frankl

Salvatore Tagliareni is a story teller, writer, business consultant, art dealer, and former catholic priest. For over twenty-five years he has successfully engaged private and public companies in their search for outstanding performance. A gifted speaker, he is blessed with a great sense of humor and can invigorate an audience with his insights on life and leadership. He was profoundly influenced by his relationship with Dr.Viktor Frankl, the author of Man’s Search for Meaning. The desire to humanize the memory of those that perished in the Holocaust is imbedded in his spirit.

An accomplished strategic thinker, he is also captivated by the search for wonderful food and wine. His ultimate goal is to find the perfect cannoli.

Author Salvatore Tagliareni

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